Society of Recorder Players


This year, the music group The Society of Recorder Players (SRPI) celebrates 50 years in existence. Founded by a group of recorder players and teachers in 1971 as a branch of SRP (UK), its primary function is to promote the playing, enjoyment and appreciation of the recorder and its repertoire while also providing a social and musical network for people of all ages and abilities.

The Society meets once a month to play music in Booterstown Community Centre under the direction of our Musical Director Pamela Flanagan and regular conductor Marian Mullen. A wide range of music is explored (both classical and popular) using all sizes of recorder from Sopranino to Contra-Bass. Other activities organised/supported by SRP [Ireland] include:

  • An annual weekend of recorder playing conducted by a member from the SRP (UK) Panel of Visiting Conductors

  • One-to-a-part days where smaller groups can explore consort repertoire and be tutored

  • A Recorder Orchestra (to be launched in 2022, a new initiative for members and non-members to come and play together)

  • As part of the SRP (UK), The Society of Recorder Players/Moeck Solo Recorder Competition, an international bi-annual event to further the careers of young aspiring professional recorder players.

Members of the Society receive a quarterly publication, The Recorder Magazine, which provides extensive information on the recorder world in general while the SRP (UK) Annual National Recorder Festival brings members together from all branches, including Ireland, to play music and exchange news and views.

All are welcome to come along and see/hear/join us as soon as health guidelines allow. Further information can be found on our website ( and Facebook page which contain more details of what we do, music to be played during the year, a diary of events and links to the SRP UK website along with other useful recorder sites.

Please contact our Chairman, Frances Tuffery (, or our Secretary, Jane Fry (