Society of Recorder Players

Recorder Consort Playing

Sunday 18th. June 2023.

The Course

This short course concentrates on one-to-a-part playing for intermediate and advanced players. Participants will spend the day in a group of four, five or six players chosen to be as compatible as possible. Pre-formed groups will be welcome but are not essential. The same amount of time will be spent in groups of a different size and changing membership. All participants must be able to hold a part when sight-reading without supervision (N.B. The number of course participants is limited to 20, and each participant must bring his/her own music stand).


There is no set music. A large library will be available from which groups will choose their own programme of study. Students may bring any music of their own they wish to work at.


The course will take place in 51, Thormanby Lawns, Howth, Co. Dublin.

Other Information

Playing is organised in four 90 minute sessions, part of which will be supervised by a tutor. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon tea and coffee and lunch will be provided. The course commences at 10.00am on Sunday morning and concludes at 6.00pm that evening.


The Application Form will be available later.

Print and complete the form, and return it with payment to the Secretary.

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