SRP Festival 2013 Recorder


11th & 12th May in Dublin, Ireland

SRP Festival 2013

St. Patrick's Close, Dublin

All Hallows College, Drumcondra, Dublin 9

Saturday 9.30 to Sunday 15.45


Dermot Brophy, Ruth Burbidge, Marion Doherty, Pamela Flanagan, Sandra Foxall, Aideen Halpin, Helen Hooker, Alyson Lewin, Steve Marshall, Anne Martin, Andrew Melville, Marian Mullen, Anna Pories-Daly, Sheila Richards, Jenny Robinson, Pam Smith

Recorder Orchestra:

Conducted by Marion Doherty

Meet your Committee:

A chance to meet members of the SRP Central Committee


Ancient Irish Horns by Simon O'Dwyer – Saturday 19.15 – 20.45
Ceilidh with Irish music and dance – Saturday 21.00

Music Shops:

The Early Music Shop, Hawthorns Music, Recorder Music Mail and Willobie Press

The 2013 Festival concluded on Sunday 12th May. Our thanks to all who travelled and participated, and helped to make it such a success.